Lavendars Latex Lair

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Before you go shopping, please read these brief notes about international credit cards & shipping.

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International Credit Card Orders

Due to foreign (non USA based) banks and credit card providers' failure to cooperate with US banking institutions, we cannot automatically verify your credit card information. Even though you may get an authorized acknowledgement, that just means the credit card number and expiration date are legitimate and there is sufficient money in the account for your purchase.

That does NOT mean we have verified that the person using the card is authorized to do so!

In order to limit international credit card fraud, we must attempt to verify the person making a purchase on our website is the person authorized to do so by the credit card issuing bank. It will be necessary for users of non USA based credit cards, including those cards issued to a person residing in the USA by a non USA based bank, to fill out and fax back to us or land mail back to us a credit card authorization form, from which we can try to verify cardholder information. You can view the form by clicking HERE

We will send this form along with a copy of your order when we receive your order. The sooner you get it back to us, the sooner we can ship your order.

This is a security issue to limit credit card fraud to protect you our customer as well as us, the supplier.

If you do not wish to provide the information we request via fax, you have 4 options

Option #1 is to land mail us the form

Option #2 is to pay via Pay Pal

Option #3 is to pay via American Express or Western Union money order or a money order from any US Bank in US FUNDS 

Option #4 is to shop somewhere else.

Shipping Charges

Shipping charges are automatically calculated by the shopping cart software. There is no problem with domestic (USA) shipping calculations. International shipping is complicated so please read the following carefully!

The shopping cart uses UPS to calculate shipping. Shipping outside the USA via UPS is very expensive. To save you money on shipping we will ship via US Mail, but you will be charged UPS rates. We will issue a credit to your credit card for the difference between UPS calculations and actual US Mail costs. All our merchandise has a weight assigned to it. You can check actual shipping costs by going to the US Mail website and entering 11385 as the ship from zip code and your destination zip code and package weight.

We prefer to ship via US Mail Global Express Mail because it is trackable up to the destination country's Customs office and insured for up to $500. A less expensive method of shipping is US Global Priority mail but, your package is NOT trackable and insurance is additional. If you elect to ship via US Mail Global Priority we are not responsible for delivery or damages in shipping. We will require your authorization to ship via US Mail Global Priority. It is advisable to pay a little more and ship US Mail Global Express Mail.

If you ask us to split a shipment because 1 or more items is delayed due to backorder or any other delay, you will be charged shipping for each shipment!

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